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Raíces Nación (Raíces Nation):

Opportunity for community members to become volunteers, coordinators and ambassadors at Raíces Brewing Co. Individuals can get involved with community and cultural events at Raíces, provide support and take care of specific needs or tasks, plus participate in community outreach.

Example of Volunteer Opportunities:

Involved in leading/co-coordinating programming such as:

  • Karaoke nights - 1st Thursdays of each month

  • Lotería Familiar (Lotería Mexicana) - Domingos Familiares

  • Dominos game night (once a month on a Wednesday)  and competitions (Domingos Familiares)

  • Crafts – handmade activities/workshops

  • Activities or events for kids

  • Sports

  • Educational

  • Cultural or Traditional programming

  • Documentaries / Movies at Raices 

  • Interviews

  • Caribbean or Latin American Percussion, music, instrumentation

  • Dance, Zumba, Yoga, Aerobics etc. Classes

  • ​Share knowledge Meetups 

Host, greeters, help set-up, and take down community or cultural events

Working at Booths at Raíces or Community events

Lead for Spanish Meetups, Community Meetups, Sharing knowledge opportunities

Community outreach, community cleanups, working at Booths in community events, festivals or meetings.

Hands-on helper: paint fences, clean areas, electrician, clean windows, help labeling crowlers, etc.

Pick up and drop off artists (when applicable)


Video Specialist

Sound Engineer​

Volunteer for Big Events

If you are interested on specific programs or would like to develop a program at Raíces write an email to

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