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Raíces is a Latino owned and operated brewery in CO. It features award winning craft beers, a rotating Latin American food selection and on-going cultural events. Raíces aims to become a reference center for those interested in learning about Latin culture.


For Latinos, Raíces is a place where to connect with other Latinos and feel at home surrounded by traditional Latin food, music, culture and great beer. For non-Latinos Raíces is a place where, in addition to having great food, music and beer, people can learn about Latin culture and its richness.

Through our programming we serve as a Community, Cultural and Resource Center with our pillars being





Raíces, meaning “roots”, is the community taproom delivering high

quality craft beer along and entertainment to connect its guests through culture.


Because, at Raíces, we believe that culture is an asset.


Raíces fuels Latino senses in everyone, and crafts cultural connections that enriches our community.



Raíces Brewing Company was founded by Jose D. Beteta, Tamil Maldonado Vega and Martín D. Vargas

Jose Beteta CEO Raices Brewing Company

Jose D. Beteta

Chief Executive Officer


José will use his business and IT background to run the day-to-day operations of the brewery while overseeing all other areas and providing support to the other partners. His experience in various industries and running a chamber of commerce are an asset, coupled with his Business and IT degrees, and extensive marketing experience, that will translate smoothly into the management and operations of the brewery. His avid, thinking-outside-the-box approaches will bring innovation to the craft beer industry.

Tamil Maldonado VP of Develpment Raices Brewing Company

Tamil Maldonado Vega

VP of Development

Tamil will serve as an active transformational leader making strategic decisions while handling programs and front of house. In partnership with the CEO, she is responsible for the design and implementation of a comprehensive plan for Raíces, in addition to outreach, establish external alliances, cultivate relationships, and develop activities.

Her knowledge in self-managed organizations (organizaciones de autogestion)  and running cultural organizations will ensure the brewery has year-round programming and community engagement.

Martin Vargas Brewery Operations Raices Brewing Compay

Martín D. Vargas

Brewery Operations

Martín is a veteran brewer with over a decade of brewing experience and a history of running his own brewery in Puerto Rico. He will manage the brewery operations, production staff, quality control and product development at Raíces Brewing Co. Martín will make the brewery unique by bringing his knowledge of working with up to 40 barrel systems. He translates his Latino culture to craft unique flavors. The talented brewer has won 16 awards with his own creations at DACAY Brewery, Dry Dock Brewing Company, and now with Raíces Brewing Co.


Since 2017, Raíces Brewing Company has won 8 national awards on 4 of our original beers: Raíz, Furia (Fury), Latina, and Valle del Sol (Sun Valley).

La Raiz Bohemian Pilsner Raices Brewing Compay


(Bohemian Pilsner)


Know as a "Mexican Lager".  Why “Raiz”? From a Bohemian Pilsner that came from Mexico to break barriers and become famous. From the immigrants that established themselves in Mexico and innovated the style in a foreign country, for them and for its multiple interpretations we have today, “Raiz”, a tribute to the struggle of immigrants and their success. Complementary grain flavors balance hops while remaining light on the palate. Great paired with any white sauces, and mild creamy cheeses.

ABV 5.4%

National Awards: Bronze Medal, Gold Medal

La Furia Double Red IPA Raices Brewing Compay


(Double Red)


Between a malty foundation, its hop character and the alcohol complement of and imperial style beer, you will find yourself right in the eye of a tornado of complexity and flavors that will make you come back for more. Our mysterious ingredients gives this beer a bite of spiciness (not the hot kind), that rounds up, the strong character of our “Colorá”.  This beer is a beast when it comes to its food pairing capacities; beef, pork, hot dishes, sausages and some desserts like a cheese cake, are some of the marring possibilities of our Double Red.

ABV 7.0%


National Awards: 2nd Place, Silver Certificate

Latina Pale Ameican Belgo Ale Raices Brewing Compay


(Pale American Belgo Style Ale)


Just like Latin countries were formed from a mix of different cultures, this beer is a result of diverse beer styles, combined to create a pleasant balance. Belgium (Belgian Strong Ale) and USA (American Pale Ale) come together to create this beauty.  A soft American hop character, along with the classic fruity character, derived from a Belgian style yeast fermentation, makes this beer great. Enjoy with root veggies and rich meats.

ABV 8.1%


National Awards: Gold Medal, Bronze Certificate



(Blonde Ale)


Easy to drink, well balanced, refreshing, with a light bready character. The hops are in the back seat on this one!  Some fruity notes from the fermentation. A great alternative to light lagers. Finishes dry to somehow sweet. This beer is meant to represent, our Sun Valley community and it rebirth. Bright and effervescent, resembling the resurfacing of our neighborhood. These beer is nice to pair with creamy pastas, salads, white meats and spicy foods. Fruity desserts are a great alternative to pair with this beer.

ABV 4.5%

National Awards: 1 Blue Ribbon (1st Place)


Raices Brewin Company Sun Valley Steam on the Platte Denver Broncos Stadium District Master
Raices Brewing Company Logo by Kroniko Arte Orange

Raíces Brewing Co. is located in Denver’s Sun Valley neighborhood which is going through various exciting transformations including $500M in DHA developments,  a $351M Denver Broncos Entertainment District, $50M Meow Wolf, the Latino Cultural Arts Center,  Namaste Solar and numerous private investment opportunities in multilevel homes and offices.



Raices Brewing Company logo by Kroniko arte
Raices Brewing Company culture cultura musica arte
Raices Brewing Company food comida
Raices Brewing Company beer cerveza birra




Raíces Brewing Co. has developed a unique approach to attract guests to its taproom which involves 3 components: A Strong focus on Community, Authentic Cultural Events & High Quality Craft Beer (Cervezas Artesanales) while adding opportunity and access to underrepresented groups into the industry through our Raíces SEEDS programs.

COMMUNITY: We are not a silo. We are very aware of our community, its assets and its challenges. Raíces focuses on being an asset to our extraordinary Sun Valley community, the City of Denver, and beyond. People can be part of Raíces Nation, a volunteer and outreach program that looks for ways to benefit our community.  Furthermore, individuals and groups have a voice and leadership opportunities in events and activities created at Raíces.


  • Food drive & toy drive for Sun Valley families, Platte River cleanups, participation at Sun Valley Bazaar & Multicultural Festivals, creations of events that capture authenticity of Latin American and Caribbean traditions to expose them in Colorado, creating art workshops with artists we bring at Raices, fundraising events aligned with our goals and selected motives for Raíces Vision 2020

  • We are also a platform for Latino and Local artisans, food trucks and chefs, artists and small businesses to help expose them continuously, providing visibility and a more continuous presence in our community and our city. 

  • We are a community center where groups and individuals can value their cultural heritage and identities, celebrate who they are, their important dates, and create meetups to build meaningful relationships while sharing knowledge.

  • We spark the space with community programming that allows diversity and inclusion to mix resulting on an organic and active society integration at Raíces.

CULTURE: A rich cultural events agenda is managed to foster Latino Arts and Culture. Our Latino Cervecería uniqueness comes from (1) showcasing authentic culture and diversity of Latin American countries and US Latino culture, becoming our forefront and vehicle for our main programming; (2) unique beer recipes created by our Head Brewer; (3) Raíces ownership and leadership.

CERVEZA: This topic is three-fold : (1) Provide high quality craft beer with ingredients selected by brewer (including quality malt, and hand selected fresh hops). Beers are entered into competitions, so far winning 8 national awards. (2) Provide a pipeline of underrepresented groups into the craft beer industry making it more accessible through our internship programs, and diversifying the demographics of the industry; (3) Provide education to the public about craft beer: its art and science behind each batch. 



Raices Brewing Company food trucks

DO YOU HAVE A FOOD TRUCK THAT SELLS LATIN AMERICAN AND/OR CARIBBEAN FOOD? We want to hear from you. Raíces Brewing Co. is currently seeking food trucks to add to its rotation in Denver, CO. We are looking for food to compliment our award winning beers. If interested, write to



2060 West Colfax Ave

Denver, CO 80204

Tel: 720-295-2437


Wed - Thu: 3pm - 10 pm

Fri - Sat:   11 am - 12 am

Sun:          11 am - 8 pm

Thanks for submitting!

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