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Raíces, meaning “roots”, is the community taproom delivering high

quality craft beer along and entertainment to connect its guests through culture.


Because, at Raíces, we believe that culture is an asset.


Raíces fuels Latino senses in everyone, and crafts cultural connections that enriches our community.



Raíces Brewing Company was founded by Jose D. Beteta, Tamil Maldonado Vega and Martín D. Vargas


Since 2017, Raíces Brewing Company has won 8 national awards on 4 of our original beers: Raíz, Furia (Fury), Latina, and Valle del Sol (Sun Valley).



Raíces Brewing Co. is located in Denver’s Sun Valley neighborhood which is going through various exciting transformations including $500M in DHA developments,  a $351M Denver Broncos Entertainment District, $50M Meow Wolf, the Latino Cultural Arts Center,  Namaste Solar and numerous private investment opportunities in multilevel homes and offices.






Raíces Brewing Co. has developed a unique approach to attract guests to its taproom which involves 3 components: A Strong focus on Community, Authentic Cultural Events & High Quality Craft Beer (Cervezas Artesanales) while adding opportunity and access to underrepresented groups into the industry through our Raíces SEEDS programs.

COMMUNITY: We are not a silo. We are very aware of our community, its assets and its challenges. Raíces focuses on being an asset to our extraordinary Sun Valley community, the City of Denver, and beyond. People can be part of Raíces Nation, a volunteer and outreach program that looks for ways to benefit our community.  Furthermore, individuals and groups have a voice and leadership opportunities in events and activities created at Raíces.


  • Food drive & toy drive for Sun Valley families, Platte River cleanups, participation at Sun Valley Bazaar & Multicultural Festivals, creations of events that capture authenticity of Latin American and Caribbean traditions to expose them in Colorado, creating art workshops with artists we bring at Raices, fundraising events aligned with our goals and selected motives for Raíces Vision 2020

  • We are also a platform for Latino and Local artisans, food trucks and chefs, artists and small businesses to help expose them continuously, providing visibility and a more continuous presence in our community and our city. 

  • We are a community center where groups and individuals can value their cultural heritage and identities, celebrate who they are, their important dates, and create meetups to build meaningful relationships while sharing knowledge.

  • We spark the space with community programming that allows diversity and inclusion to mix resulting on an organic and active society integration at Raíces.

CULTURE: A rich cultural events agenda is managed to foster Latino Arts and Culture. Our Latino Cervecería uniqueness comes from (1) showcasing authentic culture and diversity of Latin American countries and US Latino culture, becoming our forefront and vehicle for our main programming; (2) unique beer recipes created by our Head Brewer; (3) Raíces ownership and leadership.

CERVEZA: This topic is three-fold : (1) Provide high quality craft beer with ingredients selected by brewer (including quality malt, and hand selected fresh hops). Beers are entered into competitions, so far winning 8 national awards. (2) Provide a pipeline of underrepresented groups into the craft beer industry making it more accessible through our internship programs, and diversifying the demographics of the industry; (3) Provide education to the public about craft beer: its art and science behind each batch. 



DO YOU HAVE A FOOD TRUCK THAT SELLS LATIN AMERICAN AND/OR CARIBBEAN FOOD? We want to hear from you. Raíces Brewing Co. is currently seeking food trucks to add to its rotation in Denver, CO. We are looking for food to compliment our award winning beers. If interested, write to hola@raicesbrewing.com.


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